12 May 2013

Arthur Circus

My lovely, lifelong friend, Marie-Louise Duplex used to live in Hobart and so when I asked her for some tips on what we should do and see she busily set to task on texting me idea after idea.  One of her suggestions was Battery Point, a hill topped area that sits above Salamanca Place.  
The way to get there is to climb up Kelly's Steps.... when I asked Jenny how many steps there were she said, "I don't know.  Last time we just came down"

As we wondered around looking at the gorgeous houses and shops we came across Arthur Circus and it just so happens that.......

This is Jenny's favourite place in Hobart!

These little houses used to be lived in by mariners back in colonial times.

It was so lovely to just sit and look at the pretty village of renovated houses and have a bit of a rest after all those steps!

My lovely friend, Luisa recently referred to Jenny and myself as "Thelma and Louise", so this picture was quite fitting. 

Marie - Louise Duplex (MLD) also recommended a little drinking hole in Battery Point the Ship Wright Arms.  So in we went for a well earned bevy.

The bar was full of Sydney to Hobart Yacht memorabilia and had the foot on the big screen, so Jen was happy!

We ordered ourselves a Tasmanian beer

From the choice of Tasmanian beers.

And lucky we got there when we did, because it was nearly "Standing Room Only"!

On our way back to our hotel, we walked back to the Salamanca Markets and this was all that was left......... until next week, when they do it all again.

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