11 May 2013

Strolling - Salamanca Style


(The fabuloso Salamanca Market)

It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining, but it was just cool enough to pop on a cardy and a woollen hat.  We weren't in the 'market' for anything in particular, but that's the beauty of perusing markets - you just never know what you might find. 

This market has 100's of stalls and a large percentage of them were showcasing woodwork. Bowls, salt & pepper shakers, buttons, spoons, cutting boards... even fruit.!.... pretty much anything you can carve out of wood was there for the purchase.

Heaps of honey & Lavender products.
This bee was only trying to get back what was his... "Damn my fingerless little legs!" we heard him cry.

Hats, scarves and other knitted wear

You see, this just proves that you can make anything out of a perfectly good nanna rug. 

Me Jenny lives in Western Australia - for those of you who have not been to our lovely country yet, WA is warm for most of the year and when it does get cooler - she and my handsome dad go north, following the sun.  Jenny, however, loves the cold weather and adores nothing better than to rug up in a jumper and scarf.  So whenever she visits Victoria (where it gets much colder) she purchases a scarf. She's drawn to them, like a moth to the flame.  Her wardrobe is filled with scarves that aren't worn because it's too hot.  Thank goodness that Tassie is going to put on a week of rainy mid teens for us.  
NB: Jen didn't buy this scarf...... but she did buy another one!

ReBots...... Robots made out of recycled materials.  A great idea but ........

you might want keep this one away from the kids!

What a fabulous idea - a mobile woodfire pizza oven.  You'd be the toast of every party if you pulled up towing this.... although then you'd be responsible for doing all the cooking every time and that's no fun.  But what a fabulous idea at a market!

Gorgeous antique "Tasmanian devil" forks and books a-plenty!

 Tea cozies in all shapes and sizes.  Makes you want to crack out the knitting/crochet needles and get crafty!

Check out this spiffo bird house.  A bird would be lucky to nest in this castle in the air.

 They also have a plethora food and beverage offerings...... Not only did they have scrummy hotdogs, we tried a hot apple juice with lemon, ginger and honey.  On the first sip it appeared that perhaps the apples were a little sour, but you can all rest assured that it was just a little bit hot - and once it had cooled down a bit - it was delish!!

The fresh fruit and veg looked fantastic as well, but we could only look on today as there will be no cooking on this adventure!

Except for these - we ate ALL of these!

And something for the kids.... but in our case - the kid is me, and balloon animal hats are unfortunately not my style.

There was also a number of buskers from 2 lovely young ladies with a guitar who sang so softly that you almost needed to join their band to hear them - they had lovely voices and sang in perfect harmony.  I gave them $2. At the other end of the scale was this 3 piece outfit consisting of a base, a steel guitar, a washboard and a lead singing voice that sounded surprisingly like Sweet Brown of the "Ain't nobody got time for dat" fame.  That had 1 fan.

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