12 May 2013

Winter on Mt Wellington

This was apparently what we were meant to wear up on Mt Wellington today, but considering the wind chill made the temperature about -12c, I'm glad we decided to pop on a longer pant!  
It was FREEZING!!!!!

We carefully made our way down the windswept path, holding on for dear life, wondering what the hell we were doing.

The view was a little misty, but totally worth it.

 As we were leaving the hotel in the morning I asked Jen, my personal attire advisor: 
"Shall I take my gloves?" 
"No, you won't need them."
"Shall I wear a hat?"
"No, I don't think so."
In hindsight I perhaps should have made a decision on my own

The narrow, 45° road to the top of Mt Wellington was built in 1937, obviously with only small cars in mind.  It would have been a major feat building it with today's technology and resources.  I can't even imagine what sort of job that would have been back then. Premier Ogilvie was in power at the time of the road finally opening (after 2 years) and he got a statue in his honour in St David's Park in Salamanca..... however the workers that actually did the building...... nada.  Poor blokes! 

 I'm always amazed by engineering masterpieces.  I mean - after experiencing the one road to the top of Mt Wellington - how the hell did they get the necessary equipment up there to put this thing together?  And...... what is it for?

I'm not sure if you can read the sign to the left, but it says: 
"No dogs.  All dogs must stay inside the car. "

He's probably only got them on the lead so they didn't blow of the side of the mountain!

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